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Profitable Fundraising
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Profitable Fundraising Profitable Fundraising
Profitable Fundraising with GoFundy

GoFundy™ was founded by PTO parents from a small school.   We learned years ago that fundraising events can be very profitable with the right tools and resources.  Our Campaign Consultants are dedicated to your fundraising experience.  Your fundraiser deserves the best support, resources and technology to maximize your overall success.  You'll get that and more with GoFundy. 

1.  Almost Any Activity Can be a Fundraiser

Trust our professional Campaign Consultants to help you choose an activity that is fun, educational and healthy that also meets the needs of your group and community.    Set goals and motivate participants with contests and prizes.

2.  Save Time with GoFundy

Register early to get the resources needed to plan a participant registration drive, fundraising campaign and event-day activities.

Create a fundraising webpage and select participant registration options.  Visit our step-by-step guide and practice using GoFundy.  Register as a participant, make an online donation and see how easy it really is!

3.  Seek Support from Local Business Sponsors

We provide several options for earning additional donations from business sponsors with advertising on your GoFundy webpage.  Your GoFundy webpage will go viral with thousands of hits during your campaign.  It's a great opportunity for business sponsors.

4.  Easy Participant Registration

GoFundy provides multiple options for registering participants, generating donation codes, ordering t-shirts (optional), and charging a registration fee (optional).  GoFundy will automatically add participant donation codes and email addresses to our campaign management interface.

5.  Communicate and Motivate

Communication is important for driving online and in-person donations.  Motivate hundreds of participants with frequent emails about contests, turn-in dates and donation codes with just a few clicks of the mouse.  Both donors and participants are notified each time an online donation is processed.

6.  Fundraising Should be Fun

Make your fundraising activity the reward for a successful, more profitable campaign and have fun!  Provide refreshments, snacks and activities for your participants.

At the end of your fundraiser host an awards ceremony.  Many participants may exceed their goals so be prepared to recognize their success.

Find a Consultant in your state to help you get started! 

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Profitable Fundraising Profitable Fundraising
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